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OT23, Ruler Why new Video Gibralter’s Rock (The Answer)

Everyone could use a little more hip hop in their lives here is my buddies answer to that. His newest video is right here.
Hip Hop, Austin, OT23, Ruler Why new Video Gibralter’s Rock (The Answer) Continue reading

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King Art “Don’t Know Why” Video, Hip Hop Austin, TX, Music,

My good friend Mr. King Art, AKA arthur just released this video. I think it looks great and I love to see his passion. He played the first and 3rd show that Collective Perspectives put together and is always performing around TX make sure to listen to his recently released EXcaliber EP and like him on Facebook

For all the artists and musicians out there check out this interesting TEDx talk I found on Matthew Ian’s facebook talking about careers, passions and interests. I wish I had this guy as one of my economics teachers. TEDxUW – Larry Smith – Why you will fail to have a great career Continue reading

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Party Promo Video

Well We don’t have anything too new to put up today so I wanted to show you guys something funny. Voice Mau my boy Mau had us do a promo for a boat party he had last week Mau Morial day bash. He made the music we recorded some video and made it work tell me what you think? Continue reading

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