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OT23, Ruler Why new Video Gibralter’s Rock (The Answer)

Everyone could use a little more hip hop in their lives here is my buddies answer to that. His newest video is right here.
Hip Hop, Austin, OT23, Ruler Why new Video Gibralter’s Rock (The Answer) Continue reading

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Wile Out One Year Anniversery at Plush Thursday 4/26 Anna Love, Brad Hoods, and LDFD

Come celebrate Wile Out’s One Year Anniversery at Plush Thursday 4/26 Anna Love, Brad Hoods, and LDFD Starts at 10pm.

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Mad Zach, Com Truise, EOTO, Applied Pressure, PARTY PARTY PARTY

Mad Zach sent me this new one to listen to over the facebook.  I like it.  Its got that party jungle, whomp, feel.  I bet he made it using his unreleased MPC  from Midi Fighter    

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King Art “Don’t Know Why” Video, Hip Hop Austin, TX, Music,

My good friend Mr. King Art, AKA arthur just released this video. I think it looks great and I love to see his passion. He played the first and 3rd show that Collective Perspectives put together and is always performing around TX make sure to listen to his recently released EXcaliber EP and like him on Facebook

For all the artists and musicians out there check out this interesting TEDx talk I found on Matthew Ian’s facebook talking about careers, passions and interests. I wish I had this guy as one of my economics teachers. TEDxUW – Larry Smith – Why you will fail to have a great career Continue reading

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Matthew Ian performing at Beale Street filmed w/ Old School Productions

Matthew Ian Invited us out to video him at the Beale Street tavern previous the the SXSW madness. It was a fun show, got to see some old friends and got some great footage. Devin of Old School Productions Came out filmed, and then did all the editing and post production. Thank you Devin. Matthew Ian is releasing an EP with one of his projects Searcher on April 20, 2012.

Matthew can DJ, Produce and do acoustic performances so make sure to have him out to your event if your in need of the highest quality live entertainment.
Continue reading

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Eliot Lipp, Robot Koch, Austin, TX, Applied Pressure Battle, Exploded Drawing Boat Party

Next week SXSW 2012 will be a good week if your an Eliot Lipp fan. He will be playing at least 2X’s. Monday and tuesday, 3/12 and 3/13

Applied Pressure & 33 1/3 Clothing Company SHOWCASE and 2012 ATX Producer Invitational FINALS
[caption id="attachment_1427" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Applied Pressuere and 33 1/3 clothing present Eliot Lipp, Robot Koch, B.Bravo, w/starship connection and Producer Final Battle"]Applied Pressuere and 33 1/3 clothing present Eliot Lipp, Robot Koch, B.Bravo, w/starship connection and Producer Final Battle[/caption]


Eliot Lipp
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/325964" height="200" iframe="true" /]
Robot Koch
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/682113" height="200" iframe="true" /]
B. Bravo with Starship Connection

live painting from
Michael Garfield
Molly Gardner

alongside this amazing bout of talent will be the FINALS of the 2012 ATX PRODUCE INVITATIONAL

Any type of gear is welcome. No restrictions.
Each preliminary battle will consist of 2, 2 minute sets…such as follows
(prod a 2 min : prod b 2 min)
(prod a 2min: prod b 2min)

Each performance will be projected live on the giant projection wall which is stage left.
SOUNDFOUNDER (Exploded Drawing)

Scale of 1-5

A. crowd reaction (judge based and crowd based)
B. controllerism (how hard are you working? … this is where perfomance comes in, you will be expected to perform live and not just hit play on your laptop)
C. production quality, overall sound, originality

Juiceland presents: The Exploded Drawing Boat Party 2012

[caption id="attachment_1426" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Juiceland Presents, Exploded Drawing, Boat Party, Eliot Lipp, Jonwayne, Computer Jay, Matthew David"]Juiceland Presents, Exploded Drawing, Boat Party, Eliot Lipp, Jonwayne, Computer Jay, Matthew David[/caption]

Juiceland, Exploded Drawing, Insect Records, Akai Pro and Bassmaxx team up to bring you this ridiculous line up on a two story boat.
$15 gets you:::Entry, local beer provided by Billy’s, and fresh juice mixed drinks provided by Juiceland and Dulce Vida organic tequila….

Two rooms of sound provided by Bassmaxx

Line Up:
Jonwayne (Stones Throw/LA)
Computer Jay (Stones Throw/LA)
MatthewDavid (Brainfeeder/LA)
Jeramaiah Jae (Brainfeeder/LA)
Ryat w/Mast (Brainfeeder/LA)
Eliot Lipp (Mush, Eastern Developments/LA)
Zavala (Fieldwork, Fake Four/Chicago)
Butcher Bear (Insect/Austin)
Soundfounder (Insect/Austin)
Ntropy (Insect/Austin)
Lo Phi (Insect/Austin)
Boom Baptist (Applied Pressure/Austin)
Vegetable Kingdom (V.G.T.B.L. I.N.T.L./Austin)

We’re expecting this boat to reach capacity. Early arrival suggested for the real heads
Boat leaves at 5:30 and comes back at 9:30

$15 Pre-Sale Tickets available only at Juiceland on Barton Springs Rd in Austin. 21 and up only

Walk, bike, or take a cab to the dock if possible. Designate a driver. Don’t be foolish or you’ll be cut off by the bar tender. For real

Very important bit of info from the boat company: “The Riverboat will be available for boarding at Walsh Public Boat Landing, at 1600 Scenic Dr., 78703. Parking is available along the street, or in the LCRA parking lot and garage located nearby at 3701 Lake Austin Blvd, 78703. Please do not use the Hula-Hut parking lot, and tell your guests they are subject to being towed for parking in any non-designated area. Maps and directions, including a parking map, may be downloaded from our web site: http://www.austinriverboats.com” Continue reading

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Yacht Bounce Time, in the 80’s, Kenny Loggins and MTV conspired to destroy smooth music

Tony Skratchere: Godfather of Yacht BounceFor the last half decade DJ Tony Skratchere has been the leading and most visible proponent for hip hop turntablism in New Orleans. From rocking many a dance floor, to bringing the DMC Championship to the city, as well as judging and representing New Orleans in the Championship in NYC multiple times, Tony represents hip hop with a pure passion that is uncompromising.Lately, Tony Skratchere is also establishing himself in another genre…Bounce Music. With the invention of his own sub genre of the popular New Orleans dance music…dubbed Yacht Bounce after the genre of 80′s smooth rock known as Yacht rock…Tony has infused those smooth 80′s sounds with the signature Triggerman and Brown Beat samples that form the basis of Bounce music to create a unique new style that is catching on around the city and inspiring a plethora of other DJs and producers to follow suit. Check out Tony’s SoundCloud page and listen to some of his Continue reading

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