Exploded Drawing

If you wanna here something you’ve never heard before. And see a room full of the most creative music makers you better make it out to an Exploded Drawing Event. These guys have been bringing their A game for a long time and our gathering more and more momentum every day, this is what they say.

Exploded drawing is: A monthly event in Austin for electronic music composers, sound collectors, and beat makers to perform their work in a comfortable atmosphere with a good sound system. Originality is encouraged and will be cherished.

Exploded Drawing

Exploded Drawing

Exploded Drawing: A night of electronic composers, sound collectors. and beat makers. Six 20 minute sets from six different musicians performing their own musical creations using whatever tools they like. 5$ donation helps us provide a good sound system, adult beverages, and an earful of brand new sounds.
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I just found out something new here,the explanation of why they say exploded drawing

In case you’re wondering, the name Exploded Drawing is a reference to a similar beat night that existed in LA called Sketchbook. In it’s hay day, Sketchbook, organized by ‘Dublab-Rat’ Kutmah, had many noteworthy beat makers come through including Prefuse 73, Madlib, Take, Ras G, Flying Lotus, J-Dilla, Daedelus and many more. That night helped to spawn the now world-famous weekly event in LA known as The Low End Theory. We’re hoping to continue that creative, forward thinking, perspective that made Sketchbook and The Low End Theory such a wonderful, unusual success.

if you ever wanna play email explodeddrawing@gmail.com

Here is one of their Members Boom Baptist talking about music

Synthesis is Creation – Austin Electronic Music from JoinTheStudio on Vimeo.

as well as a selection of their past flyers

Exploded Drawing

Exploded Drawing

Exploded Drawing

Exploded Drawing


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