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Photos from RJD2 Live @The Belmont with Applied Pressure

Interesting experience last week Thursday got to photograph RJD2 and Applied pressure at the Belmont. This was my 3rd time to see him. Great show people were really digging the Applied Pressure opening. Boom Baptist, Kidd Slyce and Hobo D were ridiculous, their visuals are always top of the line Continue reading

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RJD2, NEON TREES, at Skype Party SXSW 2012

RJD2at Skype Party SXSW 2012
Monday night I somehow ended up at this Skype party, I was totally supposed to work aka edit photos or do something productive but I ended up with my boy Dan and his girl at this party. It was unlimited drank, and RJD2, Neon Trees and a couple of other folks. Great party. I realized something this night for every beer I drink I have to pee one time. There was unlimited beers (well really only 4 drink tabs per wristbands but it was easy to find more) but only 3 portabodies and like 300-500 people, presenting quite the pissing logistics problem. The solution wine. My boys Applied Pressure were having there show right after so I had some beers chilled listened to some music met some people, bullshited and pissed a lot followed by 2 full cups of wine, followed by permasmile and a little bit of a blur for the rest of the night. You never realize how many times you visit the water closet till you gotta wait an hour to do it. Here are some of the photos Continue reading

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RJD2 live video from the Belmont to Smoke and Mirrors

RJD2 live video from the Belmont to Smoke and Mirrors Continue reading

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RJD2 Live at The Belmont Austin, TX

Yesterday RJD2 came to The Belmont a large lesser used venue in Austin. It was a great show he played everything I wanted to hear. Music Photo and Music Video wise it was awesome. Take a gander at some of these photos video will be up shortly. Check out all of them on Continue reading

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