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Z-trip photos online from the Belmont

Here are a few of my favorites from z-trip find yourself and see applied pressure and z-trip photos on facebook right here.! Continue reading

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Collective Perspectives and ID Entertainment Party this Friday Ruta Maya 9pm-2am 1/13/12

This Friday the next Collective Perspectives event, benefiting Austin Humane Society. Friday 1/13/12 beginning at 9pm. I would get there early Michael will be beginning at 9. There will be live painting by Artists, Karina Thome, Michael Garfield, Chance Rhoberts, and Tourmaline Todd. The Line up from beginning to end is Michael Garfield, Matthew Ian, King Art with OT23 and Ruler Why, Applied Pressure with Hobo D and 4th Wall, El John of Thievery Corporation,Charanga Cakewalk, Poi Dog Pondering, el john Selector, With the Final act Voice Mau.
Continue reading

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Africa Hitech Ticket Give Away!!! Collective Perspectives Thanks to Applied Pressure and Mad Classy

Africa Hitech Ticket Give Away!!! Collective Perspectives Thanks to Applied Pressure and Mad Classy

So as I’m sure you music geniuses have been paying attention to whos coming to town next well. As you know Africa Hitech is playing with Mux Mool. This much anticipated tour is Africa Hitech’s first American tour, so whoever wins these tix be very excited to be part of music history. Mux Mool was here less than a month ago but I am super excited to have him back. Good energy good dance music, as well as very original.

So in order to win you must answer the most difficult of questions. What are the two dudes names behind Africa Hitech?? Leave comment in Comment section of this post.

Sunday November13th
Mad Classy and Applied Pressure present:


Africa Hitech is more than a name; it is an ideology – one that embodies its members’ passions for an eclectic diaspora of electronic styles, from soul, dub and acid to UK garage, grime, techno, house and Jamaican dancehall. Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek stand at the intersection of all these styles and the result is a synthesizer fuelled syncopated percussion and bass madness.

[caption id="attachment_780" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Africa Hitech, Mux Mool, Mad Classy, Applied Pressure"]Africa Hitech, Mux Mool, Mad Classy, Applied Pressure[/caption]


Mux Mool was born in Minnesota, but began his career in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, releasing his first tracks with Moodgadget in 2006. In 2008, he released several EPs and had a track placed on the Ghostly Swim compilation assembled for Adult Swim by the label Ghostly International. His debut full-length, Skulltaste, followed in 2010.

Here is a video collective perspectives shot the last time Mux Mool was here.

[caption id="attachment_664" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Mux Mool Star Slinger Beauty Bar"]Mux Mool Star Slinger Beauty Bar[/caption]

[youtube Continue reading

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Jon Wayne, Mophono at Barcelona

Wednesday the 5th as well as being the last day of Austin restuarant week is the 1st wednesday of the month which means its Applied Pressure time.

HOBO D says: “Every 1st Wednesday at Barcelona. Dirty, grimey, filthy beat music for the brain. Special guests every month alongside founder and residents HOBO D, KID SLYCE, BOOMBAPTIST, 4TH WALL, and CASH MARTIN.”

Like them on facebook Like AP on the FB

[caption id="attachment_471" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="Jon wayne Mophono at Barcelona Austin"]Jon wayne Mophono at Barcelona Austin[/caption]

This is the ultimate breakdown of information about tomorrow only here or on facebook.


So Cal native Jonwayne is an integral member of the LA beat scene’s second generation whose music has been bouncing between the walls of Low End Theory for months.

Originally involved in the local underground music community as a spoken word artist and rapper, Jonwayne soon found himself at the Airliner on Wednesday evening for Low End Theory. After experiencing a mind-blowing night at the club, the young artist dis…covered new creative inspiration and started making music. A tape of his raw, sticky and blunted beats made their way into the hands of Daddy Kev, and soon Jonwayne’s debut full-length album Bowser was born.


From DJ’ing at the now infamous Future Primitive parties to running his own Change the Beat weekly in San Francisco for nearly 5 years, Mophono (also aka DJ Centipede) has been an unsung mainstay of the Bay Area, CA electronic/hip hop DJ scenes for some time. Fresh off of both an appearance on The Gaslamp Killer’s latest Death Gate EP and live at his 10/10/10 Brainfeeder Session in Los Angeles, the beatmaker and crate- digging aficionado has releasesd a full length LP entitled Cut Form Crush for his own label CB Records.

Benji’s sample digging and break hunting roots stem from the era where DJ Shadow was “Entroduced” and vinyl was the only way to DJ; as Mophono, he specializes in the art of dusty drums and heavy synthscapes. Cut Form Crush presents an expert take on the escalating west coast beat scene with 14 tracks of formidable compositional styles that beautifully weave together all sorts of musical breeds – the wide-ranging influences of music concrete, B- Boy culture, classical string arrangements and dirty jazz drumming can all be heard throughout. “Cut Form Crunch”, which was created from a live studio session with the luminary Flying Lotus, is completely exemplary of the album’s hard edge drum machine crunch and odd rhythms. After a listen to the album, the unique stamp of Mophono’s skillful past and future in music becomes exceedingly clear.

Having performed at the Brainfeeder festival (Flying Lotus brain child) and shared the stage with Amon Tobin, Edan, DJ Food, DJ Krush, Dabrye, Diplo, Gonjasufi and De La Soul and many others), Mophono is poised and ready to present Cut Form Crush, his finest and most all-encompassing statement.

This monster of a show is brought to you by Applied Pressure, 33 1/3rd Clothing, Tornadoes on the Sun, Switched ON!, and Friends Of Sound Records.

Be sure to come to the show, tell your friends about us, and enjoy the future music.

Hobo D
4th Wall
Boom Baptist
Kid Slyce
Kydd Jones

with local heavyweights


$5 before 11
$7 after 11 Continue reading

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Collective Perspectives Launch Party feauturing Learning Secrets, Boom Baptist, One4All and so much more…

Learning Secrets
[soundcloud url=""]

BOOM Baptist
[soundcloud url=""]

[soundcloud url=""]

We will be having an art show featuring:

Amanda Fragga

Photography by Preston Riggs

Live painting by Molly Gardner and Karina Thome Continue reading

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Signal Path Minds Make Light New Record Released

Here is where you can download it for free… download and share…

Signal Path Minds Make Light New Record Released Signal Path Minds Make Light New Record Released

Here is where you can download it for free… download and share…

Check out the photos and video below and check out the Video we shot of Signal Path’s last show in Austin [youtube Continue reading

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Phuturprimitive and Govinda

Friday the 10th of June Polaris and Dreamtime put on the most incredible show at the Parish on 6th street in downtown Austin. phutureprimitive and Govinda performed. Govinda sounded incredible and his dancers were entrancing. I had gotten to see Govinda play only 3 songs the last time I saw him during sxsw. I had shown up late to his show, and what do you know this time we were late again. Luckily I think we got to see probably half or more of his set. It was awesome. I love watching him playing the violin. The dancers at the show were incredible, with very ornate costumes. phutureprimitive, I really hadn’t listened to very much but I sure did enjoy his show. The crowd was pretty nuts it was fun to dance. There were all sorts of people there, I saw a lot of my friends it was a wonderful experience. You have to catch him when he’s in your town and listen to his music. Continue reading

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