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OT23, Ruler Why new Video Gibralter’s Rock (The Answer)

Everyone could use a little more hip hop in their lives here is my buddies answer to that. His newest video is right here.
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Gaslamp Killer and Bird Peterson Thursday 2/9/2012 Applied Pressure

Gaslamp killer will be putting on 2 events tonight First:

The Austin Red Bull Music …Academy Session aims to provide a taste of the experience that is Red Bull Music Academy. Featuring The Gaslamp Killer, this interview will take a deep dive into the career and creative process of a truly unique artist. RSVP required. Information below.

Attendees will also learn more about the Red Bull Music Academy application process and will have access to the 2012 application.

The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals; a platform for those who shape our musical future. In 2012, Red Bull Music Academy will return to the United States, with New York City playing host city.
[caption id="attachment_1287" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="Austin Red Bull Music Acadamy Session with Gaslamp Killer"]Austin Red Bull Music Acadamy Session with Gaslamp Killer[/caption]

THIS EVENT IS FREE, BUT WILL REQUIRE ADVANCE RSVP. RSVP can be found at . Once you have RSVP’d, your name will be on the RSVP list at the door. Anyone who has not RSVP’d will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis, based solely on capacity of the venue.

This session will be followed by Applied Pressure presenting The Gaslamp Killer live at The Beauty Ballroom alongside Bird Peterson, Grommit and Applied Pressure ($10 advance, $12 Day of show).
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Art Outside Photos, David Starfire, Bird Of Prey, Psybionic, Dancers

Art Outside was at Apache Pass which was the same place as Nocturnal. It was beautiful. The weather was incredible talk about feel good, it was windy and like 72. The funniest moment for me was one on Friday The Locksmiths were playing on the main stage, Karina Thome was painting and I was taking pictures. P-tek lives in the met and is next door neighbors to Karina and I am at the met all the time. So it was like we just moved a bunch of people from Austin into the woods onto a big stage. I don’t know if thats funny to you but it was funny to me.

I stuck around the main stage most of the time but Psymbionic of Whomp Beats was incredible, I think I’m going to be deaf from the bass. David Starfire was awesome incredible music I’d never heard before, Bird of Prey tore it up, his wife I think is the most incredible hula hooper I’ve ever seen in my life we will have video up soon.

It was great to see Jessie Noe making his incredible art on stage with the music acts. I was lucky to meet some incredible artists such as Michael Garfield His art is very much a pleasure to look at as well as he is a very interesting man. Make sure to check out his blog and music. We hope to have him in our featured artist section soon.

Well before the pictures, we are having our next party 11.11.11 at Stubbs line up to be announced get ready for this. Continue reading

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