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Z-trip photos online from the Belmont

Here are a few of my favorites from z-trip find yourself and see applied pressure and z-trip photos on facebook right here.! Continue reading

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Tyler (Pharo) Ristow New Art Online

I was able to photograph Art for Tyler Ristow also known as his DJ name Pharo. Add him on Facebook and commission him for new work or purchase his prints through him or online via Continue reading

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The Ending, by Searcher, New Track off upcoming release coming out on 4/20/2012, 420

The Ending, by Searcher, New Track off upcoming release coming out on 4/20/2012, 420

This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at AMH Studios. Visit for more information.
Released by: Independent
Release date: Apr 20, 2012

Track 02 from SEARCHER’s debut EP releasing on 4/20/2012. Visit for updates and to get the album. Continue reading

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New Artist Jennifer Teresa Rivera aka Jenna, aka Jentle River(fb)

I’ve seen Jenna around Austin for awhile and heard lots about her art but never seen much of it other than FB, Now I finally got a chance to see it up close and photograph it. Jennifer’s pieces have beautiful geometry, patterning, and color, with some pieces having very meaningful imagery. Take a look for yourself view more images and get prints here. Jenna doesn’t have a website yet but when she does we will be sure to let you know. Contact Collective Perspectives to find out more about originals or commissions. Continue reading

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Win Free Tickets for AN-TEN-NAE + GLADKILL + PSYMBIONIC 2/2/12

Win free tickets to AN-TEN-NAE + GLADKILL + PSYMBIONIC at the Parish on Thursday February 2nd, 2012 by sharing the event and tagging Collective Perspectives and Molly Gardner’s Art Page Continue reading

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Michael Garfield Music

Sunday evening the 8th I finally got to see Michael Garfield play a set. I had listened to an online album he was sharing through the FBook and was very pleased I listened to it all the way through. So I was very excited to see him play in person and I had missed his last 5 times playing often even going to a show he was playing at and just being five minutes late.

So I finally made it Michael played at the Whip In a Austin original. An awesome convenience store that now is its own cultural center with a beer garden in the back aka picnic tables and a very nice cafe with a stage that has this incredible feel to it almost like your in India or Morocco, as well as the most incredible food and beer selection almost anywhere. What an awesome show. It was Michael’s birthday he had a guest or two play with him during his set. His music is very enjoyable, pleasurable to the ears, He plays on the guitar with a looping machine creating intricate sounds. To me it was hard to tell what sounds were already produced and which ones he was creating now, which I guess is good because it seems seamless. Michael told me afterward that he didn’t like the way he sounded because he was catching a cold so his voice was not up to par but I still enjoyed it and can’t wait to hear him at 100%. Anyway if you’ve never seen a friend perform live before I think it is always a surprise. Your used to hearing them talk not produce incredible sounds.

Here is the album he shared with me and now it is here for you to share as well, below is as an example of his painting. [bandcamp album=3437627966 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

[caption id="attachment_883" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Michael Garfield 2010-01-15 Cervantes-2008-11"]Michael Garfield 2010-01-15 Cervantes-2008-11[/caption]

Michael will be playing next at Ruta Maya this Friday the 13th at 9pm. If your one of the first 50 folks at Ruta on Friday you will receive a complimentary beverage compliments of Green Bar Collective a collection of artisan organic spirits. The coolest thing about Greenbar is that for every bottle you share they plant a tree. So on Friday we should be helping plant 3 new trees. Also we are doing an art giveaway several of the artists have been kind enough to donate several prints so we should be doing door prizes of prints from the artists that will be live painting that evening. Remember preorder your tickets now at Continue reading

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New Song by Matthew Ian I won’t let you

Matthew Ian is in the Band Searcher and also has several solo projects as well as DJ Producing. Variety is the spice of life and he definitely is always challenging himself with changing it up.

Find more of Matthew Ian’s music on

and his website

He will be playing at the next Collective Perspectives Event January 13th at Ruta Maya Continue reading

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