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Z-trip photos online from the Belmont

Here are a few of my favorites from z-trip find yourself and see applied pressure and z-trip photos on facebook right here.! Continue reading

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New Art from Jennifer Rivera

Check out these 2 new paintings available at the online store. Make sure to check out the online store take a look at our artists and get new prints for gifts or for decorating your own home.

New Art From Jennifer Rivera, Austin Artist, Collective Perspectives Continue reading

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Ron Paul Painting, New art by Liz Rathbone

Liz has been working on this one for awhile and I feel like did a great job. The portrait was a hit at the last party. Make sure to check out her work on her website also her prints are available through Collective Perspectives here. Continue reading

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Art everywhere, Molly Gardner, Burgandy, and more

So in my little neighborhood my neighbor had a painter come and make some murals/paintings lately here are some photos of Burgandy working. I also got some new photos of some Art from Molly Gardner on the same day check her work out in the artist section and make sure to take a look on facebook at the photos from the last Collective Perspectives event. and to see all of the photos of Burgandy working Photos HERE Continue reading

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Happy New Year Alyssa Crawford on Collective Perspectives

Alyssa Crawford was born on January 11, 1991 in Austin, TX. She developed a love for drawing at a very early age, drawing her first configuration of a face at age two.
Through out her life, she has studied art (her favorites including Jean-Micheal Basquiat, Bridget Riley, Frida, and of course, Picasso and Dali) and worked on her own. In 2010, she had her first solo exhibit at Ruta Maya. (You can post a pic below if you want).
Over the past two years, Alyssa has displayed her artwork at various places around Austin including Dominican Joe, Amy’s Ice-Cream, Far-Out Home Fittings, Cheapos Records, and Jeanies Java.
For Alyssa, her process is usually deeply personal and individualistic with slight regard for popular interest. And like such, she feels her art appeals to individuals on a deeply personal level. She is influenced by the writings of Herman Hesse, Albert Einstein, Alan Watts, and Ayn Rand, which emphasize the importance of creativity and individualism.
With the use of bold colors and sharp lines, Alyssa has turned her creative impulses into a kind of graphic expression based on the primacy of shape, lightness, darkness, and the balance between them.
Alyssa maintains a strong commitment to acrylic on canvas, but occasionally uses oil on canvas or acrylic on cardboard (esp. when painting outside at festivals).
Alyssa finds painting outside to be a very experimental process. People walking by tend to stop and engage with the artist. In this way, she finds new perspectives for working out her ideas.
As of now, Alyssa has her artwork featured at Hai Ky. Some of the work of Alyssa Crawford can be seen below.

Continue reading

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APPLIED PRESSURE presents: Grommit, Dylan C, Cmore FREE? FREE?


Grommit has been a staple in the Texas electronic music scene for well over a decade and was an integral part in spreading the dubstep sound during its infancy in 2005. He co-founded the first all dubstep event in Texas, and one of the …first in the country, called Weight in early 2006. He has been heavily involved in the Austin underground from his days at Alien Records as the drum & bass buyer through his weekly residencies at Mental Note and Weight. Grommit’s selection is pure fire every time so be prepared for an arsenal of weighty exclusives when this man hits the decks.



Applied Pressure:

This show is brought to you by Applied Pressure, 33 1/3rd Clothing, Switched ON!, Friends Of Sound Records, and DUB ACADEMY

Be sure to come to the show, tell your friends about us, and enjoy the future music. Continue reading

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Imagination is our greatest resource, Michael Garfield

I’m very excited about Michael Garfield having his art available through Collective Perspectives. Currently we have reproductions and should have originals available soon.
Trained as a paleontologist and scientific illustrator before launching into festival culture, Michael Garfield is the Indiana Jones of live art. Since November 2007, he has set up his easel in a legendary range of situations, from underground caves and raging basement clubs to NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Airfield to New Year’s raves in the Costa Rican rainforest. He has painted, displayed, and spoken on panels alongside internationally renowned visionary artists Alex & Allyson Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Mark Henson, Android Jones, Amanda Sage, Oliver Vernon, Mars-1, Kris D, and J Garcia. His festival appearances include Burning Man (Entheon 2009 & 2010, FractalNation 2011), Wakarusa, Electric Forest, Sonic Bloom, Rothbury, Rootwire, Trinumeral, Bear Creek, Motion Notion, Gem & Jam, Global Sound Conference, and Geoparadise…and he has held live art residencies for the Trilogy Lounge in Boulder (2008), the Mondrian Hotel’s Pere La Chaise Lounge in Scottsdale (2009), and ActionPacker Pro Productions in New Orleans (2010). He also plays as organizer and journalist for the growing live art community, leading festival performance and gallery teams and showcasing colleagues with the ongoing interview series,
The Field Guide To Live Artists. Continue reading

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