Tiger and Woods, and Learning Secrets! @ Kingdom 4/6

Learning Secrets is bringing in Tiger and Woods Friday at Kingdom starting at 10 pm

Larry Tiger & David Woods will be coming to Kingdom this weekend to tear it up and start the dance floor afire. Check out some unreleased “Wiki & Leaks” stuff as well as their EP which if your interested in purchasing is rubber stamped on white vinyl.

Show starts at 10pm you don’t want to miss Learing Secrets with Orthy and Jeramy doing their thing. Kingdom is always to die for with a great floor a nice little sitting area incredible sound don’t forget to bring your earplugs it is dangerous. I met the dude that hand makes the bassmaxx subs, and he says Kingdom has dropped a pretty penny and have a fully custom set up(click here for a Austin 360 talk about the club and its 50k Watt system). I remember at Gabriel and Dresden wearing ear plugs and still thinking what kind of damage am I doing to my self of course this was during SXSW, listing to music since noon and Lounging underground at Barcelona since 8pm another super sound venue out fitted with BassMAXX.

Make sure to stay up to date on what is going on with Learning Secrets as they play and throw some of Austin’s best disco house dance parties
Check out Tiger and Woods music on you tube also their facebook is linkedin and their is some free music below.

Here are some free Tunes,
During Tiger & Woods recent visit to San Francisco they asked Resident Advisor if they would host and help share these edits, free for download. Many of these edits were first heard on the previous T&W podcasts released on Beats in Space and Resident Advisor Check out the photos from when T&W was in San Fran on Resident Advisor.
Take some time, download, share, listen.

Thank you, Tiger & Woods, for the free music.

Tiger and Woods in Austin with Learning Secrets at Kingdom

Tiger and Woods in Austin with Learning Secrets at Kingdom

Tiger and Woods EP Check it out new EP out soon on RUNNING BACK RECORDS

Tiger and Woods EP Check it out new EP out soon on RUNNING BACK RECORDS


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