Some stuff about the Tiger and Woods EP Tiger and Woods coming to town this Friday at Kingdom

((( nightdrive )))

Tiger & Woods are set to release their debut album next week titled Through the Green off Running Back Germany.  Up until now all their tracks have been self-released on rubber stamped white 12 inches.  Whether it be a promotional gimmick or selfless attempt to redirect focus to the music, the production duo keeps their identities secret.  Regardless, these masters of disco/boogie edits know how to break in any dance floor.

Get in line for Through the Green today through Juno!


01. Dr. Burner
02. Don’t Hesitate
03. Time
04. Kissmetellme
05. Love in Cambodgia
06. Curb My Heart
07. El Dickital
08. Deflowered
09. Gin Nation
10. Speed of Light


Tiger & Woods- Girls Like Boys

The Hundred in the Hands- Commotion (Tiger & Woods Remix)

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