Yacht Bounce Time, in the 80’s, Kenny Loggins and MTV conspired to destroy smooth music

Sometime in the 80’s, Kenny Loggins and MTV conspired to destroy smooth music. Tony Skratchere is bringing it back in grand New Orleans style

my boy matt the famous Video DJ introduced me to the Yacht bounce while I was looking around I found this Dolly Parton Kenny Rogers remix It’s the funniest thing ever.
Tony Skratchere: Godfather of Yacht Bounce

For the last half decade DJ Tony Skratchere has been the leading and most visible proponent for hip hop turntablism in New Orleans. From rocking many a dance floor, to bringing the DMC Championship to the city, as well as judging and representing New Orleans in the Championship in NYC multiple times, Tony represents hip hop with a pure passion that is uncompromising.

tony scratchhere, yacht bounce, bounce music, music photos, SXSW, Austin

tony scratchhere, yacht bounce, bounce music, music photos, SXSW, Austin

Lately, Tony Skratchere is also establishing himself in another genre…Bounce Music. With the invention of his own sub genre of the popular New Orleans dance music…dubbed Yacht Bounce after the genre of 80′s smooth rock known as Yacht rock…Tony has infused those smooth 80′s sounds with the signature Triggerman and Brown Beat samples that form the basis of Bounce music to create a unique new style that is catching on around the city and inspiring a plethora of other DJs and producers to follow suit. Check out Tony’s SoundCloud page and listen to some of his jams here.
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also most official page of Tony Scratchere

and some video to help you get the yacht bounce feeling


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