Ntropy Exclusive new mixes on Groove Loves Melody album release

Ntropy has a new mix “Dither” out on Groove Loves Melody Click here to check it out

Brought to you by the very good folks at (iN)sect Records and Exploded Drawing, enjoy another exclusive mix podcast for Groove Loves Melody. This time, the musical buffet celebrates Nait Ntropy‘s upcoming LP-on-cassette release, Diither, dropping on November 11, 2011. This podcast is blended so nice that your hands and shoulders will lifted like the gospel moved you. So spread these good tunes far and wide. new album release party at the next Exploded Drawing…

So yea Nait’s having his release party this weekend at Baby Blue Studio’s at the Exploded Drawing 10. Should be sick check out Ntropy’s website to find out more about whats going on.

Heres the Facebook link to the party PARTY PARTY PARTY


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