Fun Fun Fun Fest Experience, Photos, Dance Party

Another Festival? Fun Fun Fun Fest has been going on a few years now. I had never been always wanted to go but just was like ahh I can go to random shows. I don’t have to go to the festival. This year I only went for four hours but it was maybe the most awesome 4 hours of fest I’ve been to.

This is what I got to see. Del The Funky Homo Sapian, which was pretty cool but people were just milling around and it didn’t sound that bassy I felt like I almost couldn’t hear it and its always weird to be the only person dancing even if it is your favorite song. It sure did smell good though. Ill tell you what this may have been one of the best smelling shows I’ve ever been to the ganja was in the air as well as the dirt. I thought the crowd was interesting it was a lot of people that wanted to see slayer as well as the crowd was generally young. But not like many 16 year olds. At ACL theres like 14 year olds and theres like a lot of 40 year olds. I’m 25 and I would say that may have been the average age.

Next the real shit went down. Flying Lotus. It was cool I’d like heard of the next three groups but never taken the time to download or find. But they came highly recommended by my “cool friends”. My friends recommendations payed off that shit was ridiculous great dance party lots of people having a blast.

Next was Diplo. I always hear people compare music to Diplo like he is some sort of golden standard. I kind of have to agree now. It was awesome. We had the best dance party. I always feel the best dance party happens right behind the sound booth. I don’t know why but like at Stubb’s and at this show particular there was like a circle of 20+ people dancing and jumping like there was no tomorrow. It was funny there was no grass on the field at all it was pure dirt, but that almost made the dancing conditions better it was a little slippery but you definitely weren’t going to slip and fall. Almost perfect dancing conditions.

After the Dance off to end all dance offs, I was unsure of what to see next there was no more electronic music left but there was Slayer and Blonde Redhead. I got to hear Slayer off in the distance and that was pretty fun. I wanted to do some mosh pitting like I was at a Vans warped tour show in the 10th grade, but I didn’t. I ran into my friend Cain and he was with a redhead and a blonde and we ran off to Blonde Redhead. Again I had heard of them but I thought they were a punk band or something. Turns out they create incredibly beautiful music. It made me want to spin around in circles and do cartwheels. That’s pretty much what we did. We had a perfect spot. It wasn’t to packed we were close but had lots of room. Acoustically it was amazing.

Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead




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