A day late a dollar short POST

So So when you see the Broken Teeth beware of the bass in yo face my new line

Ugh so I was asked to help support a show and completely thought it was like this week which would mean this post was on time. But this is one week late the show was Brenmar put on by the Broken Teeth Crew I heard it was dope. Anna and Brad both grinned and gave me big thumbs up when describing the show and the putter oners of shows are often the harshest critics so if their happy im happy. There are no pictures here but I believe you can find some at http://www.flickr.com/photos/uloveiphotos/sets/72157627665124511/

heres an example

Brenmar, Lady LAX, LAX

Brenmar, Lady LAX, LAX

so if this were not a week late you should go…

brenmar plush austin tx wabi sabi broken teeth

brenmar plush austin tx wabi sabi broken teeth

Here is his mucic on the soundcloud

as well i have a whole lot of links so you can find out more about this Mr. Brenmar… boys got more links than lynksis

















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