Silent Disco interestingly weird, Decontextulizing the conecrt experience

Went to a silent disco last night for those of you that haven’t been or don’t know. I didn’t know until yesterday this is a party where there are 2 dj’s on a stage and there are no speakers everyone is listening to the music on headphones. On the headphones there are 2 channels that you can switch back and forth between, and lights that let others know whether you are on the green channel or the blue channel.
The line up was like this All Good Funk Alliance, Motion Potion, Pleasuremaker, U9lift, DJ Manny, DJ Orion, Kangaroo Sexy, Happy James.

The event was at the enchanted forest if you have never been there that is an experience by itself. Its a gypsy camp off south lamar and oltorf across the street from a CVS just a forest with a bunch of campers. This time they added a make shift stage and dance floor over the creek. With laser lights everywhere in the middle of the forest (so the trees just keep exploding with patterns) and a gigantic disco ball over the stage.

So this type of party lends itself to lots of dumb puns/weird experiences of course maybe its just me I thoroughly enjoy dumb puns.

these were my short notes/observations:

everyone looks thoroughly confused when they just get there. How do i use headphones, what is everyone dancing to.

only place you can answer your phone in the middle of the concert while onstage. (nvr been able to do before) good to find your friends.

Am I on the blue channel or the green channeL? you can’t see what channel your on you can only see others

Do you guys need some speakers?

when you take your headset off to talk to people you keep bobbing up and down to the music but there is really no music your hoping to grab your friend and yell in his/her ear while bobbing to music but no need to yell or bob just hard habits to break

You wanna dance with girl or friend but your like are we even dancing to the same music?

When you yell at a concert with everyone else your not nearly as loud as you think it just feels that way cause the music is really loud next tyou you. (i’m no longer yelling at concerts)

you can talk to anyone easily with headphones off

I feel it is definitely an interesting experience very trippy I still really enjoy my regular concert experience. But I did get to do something I always wanted to do run through a forest with a bottle of champagne while tripping and listening to a show at same time. It felt like a childhood fantasy come true. If you wanna go today here is the link

my thoughts on day 5 of ACL week…

Ugh so after like day 5 of going out for ACL weekend you start to see the same people over and over again. I think everyone must have taken the week off from work and is just on a binge week of downtown, dance music and drugs. (everyone is going to need to go to rehab after this week) This friday was like the 3 or 4th time to run into a lot of these folks in the same week. Everyone just kind of gives you this strange stare of OMG my brain is fried, and what are you doing here again i thought I was the only one who partied like this (don’t tell anyone else we did this 5 days in a row). What are we doing repeating the same nights over and over again with the same people.


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  1. FrontSherpa says:

    Like the post… here was our experience at the Silent Disco over ACL weekend:

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