OTT The queen of all everything VIDEO FINALLY HERE

Ott Live Photo at the Parish Austin, TX, Electronic Music

Ott Live Photo at the Parish Austin, TX, Electronic Music

This is the video Collective Perspectives shot the other day at the Parish. What a great show. Thanks Polaris and Dreamtime for makin it happen they’ve got some big shows coming up make sure to check out their website PRESENTS

Also here is where to find out more about OTT and his music OTT WEBSITE

Here is the info about their next show at the Parish the 30th… Get your tickets soon


Karsh Kale ((, Phutureprimitive ((http://www.phutureprimitiv​, Ntropy



Ok, heres the deal. We have been wanting to do this for a long time! We wanted to wait until the time was right. Well the time is now.

The giving and compassionate leanings of this community are remarkable.
Let’s do a little something to help those in need.

We want to reward you for your contribution! See the prizes below!

Highest individual donation will be counted and the winners announced during set break before Karsh Kale begins.

-1st place: Two Bassnectar 10.29 Cedar Park Center tickets + 2 VIP afterparty Tickets.
-2nd place: 1 Bassnectar ticket and 1 afterparty ticket.
-3rd place: Round trip service on bus to show.

-Anyone who brings at least 10 cans will get discounted entry into The Parish.


About Jonathan Garza

I live in Austin. I take pictures, dance, meet new people, and have as much fun as possible. Check out my photo website the main photo blog and if you like music and art also my Economics useful info page is Thanks for taking a look also add me as a friend on facebook got to the parties I go to and promote
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