FREE Pair of tickets to Austin Bass’d with Stephan Jacobs

Win a FREE pair of tickets to Austin Bass’d

This is a 2 part question to win. The 6th person to leave a comment wins. The winner will be revealed tomorrow at 4pm. So you have till 4PM to get your friends and you to answer the question. Also you need to make sure to comment on this blog post to win.

To win the tickets watch the Interview with Stephan Jacobs that was in the last post then:

Part 1: you need to tell me what were the 3 types of programs Stephan used to make music (spelling doesn’t have to be perfect)?

Part 2: What question do you wanna ask Stephan when collective perspectives interviews him tomorrow?

So answer those 2 questions and be the 6th person to answer and you will have two tickets at will call at Republic Live.

Reminder you can’t see your comments and what number you are until tomorrow at 4 so the best way to make sure you get there is by getting a friend to answer too.

Here is Stephan Jacobs newest remix of Beats Antique-revival


About Jonathan Garza

I live in Austin. I take pictures, dance, meet new people, and have as much fun as possible. Check out my photo website the main photo blog and if you like music and art also my Economics useful info page is Thanks for taking a look also add me as a friend on facebook got to the parties I go to and promote
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7 Responses to FREE Pair of tickets to Austin Bass’d with Stephan Jacobs

  1. Ivy D says:

    1. Ableton/Ableton Live, Logic, & Mixdown

    2. What do you most look forward to while playing in Austin?

  2. Molly Gardner says:

    1.ableton, protools?, logic somethign? or maybe ableton?

    2.what inspires you to make your music the way it is! and do you see images of things happening when you create it.

  3. Molly Gardner says:

    did I really say abelton twice?

  4. Darby dupre says:

    Pro tools, abelton and logic.

    If I could get a question in with Stephen I would ask him what main outlet does his creativity in makin wonderful music and what is his favorite city ti play in.

  5. Thanks everyone for participating. Congratulations Meagan and Darby!

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