Anna Love! Some music from one of Austin’s Finest Anna Love, The Broken Teeth Crew

I’ve been running into this wonderful creator of sound Anna Love everywhere lately.
Last week I ran into her at RJD2 and Ott and maybe even once in between and I don’t remember.

Anna Love Photo

Anna Love Photo

Enough of that Anna Love plays frequently at some of Austin’s best party places, as well as
teaching younguns how to produce and spin at the Dub Acadamy.
Making sure when the next round of DJ’s will be ready for action.

She even has a monthly of her own at BEAUTY BAR put on by the Broken Teeth Crew ATX They Call it HARD CANDY they will be playing Hip Hop, RnB, Club, House and BASS, heres a link to the flyer by the way thats like Tonight so if you see this on your smart phone or if your bored at home get your butt down there.

So make sure to come out the first Thursday of every month and check her out on Da facebook and soundcloud for more of whats next for her. Also I’m not quite sure what the Broken teeth Crew is but its BIG time they’ve got a NY, Berlin, and a Texas Connection so click on that link and find out what its all about.


About Jonathan Garza

I live in Austin. I take pictures, dance, meet new people, and have as much fun as possible. Check out my photo website the main photo blog and if you like music and art also my Economics useful info page is Thanks for taking a look also add me as a friend on facebook got to the parties I go to and promote
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