Original Paintings by Molly Gardner now available…

We have made our first art listing and I’m super excited about it. Our first Artist ever is the talented Molly Gardner

Molly Gardner is a Painting Major at Texas State University. Painting for about 3 years, she started using oils a year ago. Residing in Austin,Texas she uses color and nature as major themes in her work. Inspired by what she sees, she loves going out to the local greenbelt and observing everything around her. Music is another large influence on her work. She paints live, often at shows such as OTT, Nadis Warriors, Phuture Primative, and Heyoka.

Here are the two original oil paintings you can purchase right now.

Pineapple Gland

Pineapple Gland by Molly Gardner

Pineapple Gland by Molly Gardner

livin’ the green


livin' the green by molly gardner

livin' the green by molly gardner

We will have more paintings from Molly soon and hopefully prints available as well.


About Jonathan Garza

I live in Austin. I take pictures, dance, meet new people, and have as much fun as possible. Check out my photo website www.atxphotographer.com the main photo blog http://austinphotographer.wordpress.com/ and if you like music and art collectiveperspectives.wordpress.com also my Economics useful info page is http://thepennyplaya.blogspot.com/ Thanks for taking a look also add me as a friend on facebook got to the parties I go to and promote www.facebook.com/jonathan.d.garza
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